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Intermediate Student Package

We are excited to announce that we have our Intermediate Course now available for purchase! This has been in the works for a long time. Thank you to those who have patiently waited for the arrival of this next course. The Intermediate Course picks up where the Basic Course leaves off. It digs deeper into […]

Basic Student Grammar Package

We are also excited to deliver another one of our combo learning packages: The Basic Student Package. Children will learn quickly and efficiently by using this basic student grammar package system of learning. The basic student grammar package will assist students with the basics of grammar by providing them a different approach to learning. Visual […]

Teacher’s Set Basic Course

Our Teacher’s Set Basic Course is everything all you teachers need to present grammar. Don’t forget the Student Workbook to provide additional exercises to solidify the concepts with your student. The set includes the Linking Blocks Kit, Basic Course Teacher`s Guide, Introduction and Demonstration DVD, Flash Cards – Basic Course, Parts of Speech Songs CD, […]

Linking Blocks Kit

Our Linking Blocks Kit is a necessity for all teachers and educators to assist children with grasping the idea and concepts of English grammar. This Linking Blocks Kit Includes 50 blocks of 10 colors, Links, Word Cards, Punctuation Cards, Function Cards, Part of Speech Cards, and Carrying Case. To purchase yours now just click here. […]

Introduction to the Basic Course Third Edition

From the desk of John Menken We are delighted to introduce this third edition of the Hands-On English with Linking BlocksTM Teacher’s Guide. Here are some of the significant changes that appear in the third edition: The volume is now perfect-bound instead of spiral-bound. This more traditional binding allows easy identification on the bookshelf and […]

Multisensory Learning

Beverly Menken Co-author of Hands-On English with Linking Blocks The brain receives information through one’s senses. When multiple senses are employed in learning, one retains the information longer. By using the sense of touch, the tactile sense is stimulated, and one’s hands serve as a neurological connection to the brain. If the visual modality is […]

New Book Update

Although it is not surprising, we have had some issues in the printing process of the new books. I was hoping to have the 3rd edition Student Workbook & Answer Key delivered today, it looks like it will be later this week before they arrives. I will let you know when we are ready to start shipping.

Exciting News!

Linking Blocks is excited to announce that we are moving forward with our products. Our latest Student Workbook should be available before the end of April. This will be our Third Edition. Stay tuned for updates and availability. Student Workbooks & Answer Keys will be on back-order until our shipment arrives! We are certain it […]