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LBreviewI have never had a clear understanding of English grammar until now! My son recently had the opportunity to learn grammar using “Linking Blocks” and I was able to learn along with him. The “Linking Blocks” program has brought me past rote memorization to grasping the how and why behind grammar by taking abstract language concepts and turning them into 3-dimensional forms. By using manipulatives and color associations, I could actually see the role of each part of speech and its relationship with the other parts. I can finally say, “I get it!” I am so thankful for the

“Linking Blocks” program and for the opportunity that my son has also had to learn from it. Now he does not have to wait till he is an adult to be able to say, “I get it!”

Renee Detig
Oregon, IL


For our family, the ‘Hands on English with Linking Blocks’ program has been such a blessing! I wish that I could have learned English grammar and sentence diagramming with this program when I was in school!  The linking blocks bring the sentences to life and make learning sentence structure visual, instead of just an exercise in memorization. Using this program with our children has given me the chance to see them excited about a subject that I viewed as mundane. They truly understand how and why sentences are built the way they are.

The other benefit is that I’m learning (or re-learning!) right alongside our children. They see my excitement about learning and what a great example it is for them to witness! It demonstrates that we’re never too old to grow in knowledge and wisdom!”

Bonnie Pescinski


The Hands-on English with Linking Blocks multi-sensoryand incrementally progressive approach using both color and dimension was instantly successful. By the second class my son said, “Mom, I get this. I really get this!” By the second paragraph assignment he said, “This could almost be fun!”  The Hands-on English with Linking Blocks program is designed to fit all learning styles, but for my son, with his even more unique learning style, it is a must, a true Godsend.

Pam Johnson
Rockford, IL

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  1. VitaliyFebruary 23, 2014 at 2:59 pm #


    First, I really like this method and I want to be an expert in this one. Obviously, to make it happen, I should start using all resources you’ve been successfully developed and tested for many years.
    And I ‘ve got some questions.
    First is about getting the certificate in linking blocks method, is there an ability to get one? Can I do it online? (I really want to)
    The second is about ordering your products.
    There’s something confusing me.
    When I adding to chart “Basic Grammar Course Teacher’s Guide 3rd Edition”, Shopping Cart shows me “Teacher’s Manual” for 69$. But “Teacher’s Manual” is the part of “Hands-On English with Linking Blocks Set (Starter Set)”. So, there are tow books: “Basic Course Teacher`s Manual” and “Basic Grammar Course Teacher’s Guide 3rd Edition”. Is this the same book or they are different?
    And the last one is about your location.
    I mean the delivery time. How long does the shipment take to Pak Hill ave, Yonkers, NY, 10705?

    Respectfully, Vitaliy.

    • Rima AckermanApril 30, 2014 at 10:01 am #

      Vitaliy, you may call at 812-202-0822. If you purchase the set, you would not need the Teacher’s Guide. When we came out with the third Edition, we changed the terminology but missed it in the product description. I believe we have adjusted all of our descriptions now. We ship from Bloomington, IN so travel time to NY is about 2-3 business days with FedEx Ground service. We offer tracking when we ship our orders

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