Hands-On English

with Linking Blocks™

A New & Engaging Way to Teach English Grammar

Linking Blocks makes grammar visual, representing parts of speech with colored blocks. Combine multi-sensory instruction and manipulative instruction for a supercharged learning process!

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Beginning Grammar and Writing with Linking Blocks I is semester one of a two-semester English live online video course for students grade 5-9. It will be taught by our author, Mr. John Menken. The course covers grammar, sentences, and outlining skills that are necessary for writing good paragraphs. There are 15 sessions per semester.
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Hands-on English Linking Blocks: Beginning Grammar and Writing with Linking Blocks 1, Live Online Video Course, taught by John Menken

How It Works

Overhead view of student's hands rearranging different-colored Linking Blocks corresponding to the sentence: Ten boys sat in the very big van.

Multi-Sensory Learning

Hands-On English with Linking Blocks™ is a multi-sensory grammar curriculum that uses color-coded blocks (total of 50) with soft rubber “links” that allow students to build simple sentences and progress to complex ones. These easy tools allow for an infinite number of word and phrase combinations making them effective for all age groups.

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