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Purpose Statement from Author John Menken

authorsslideJohn Menken recently shared his purpose and vision for Hands-On English with Linking Blocks with me.

Like every viable and solid enterprise, Hands-On English with Linking Blocks has a guiding principle embodied in a philosophy statement. It goes like this:

Hands-On English with Linking Blocks™ exists to train able communicators
that will positively impact the culture through journalism and authorship.

How will we know if our venture is successful? Each new student and each new family that uses the program is, of course, a measure of success for us. Testimonials encourage us along the way. But the real measure of success is two generations into the future. We will have been successful if in journalism, the world will have intelligent, and able adults who learned their communication skills through Linking Blocks. They will be people of influence because their abilities will position them in the information market. Through their abilities they will find voice in the media to influence large segments of the population. We will have been successful in authorship if our grandchildren will have available to them top-quality, meaningful, creative, and uplifting literature that was created by our students. Today we are reaching a generation that needs to know the basics of written communication. As we equip them, they will be able to pour their creativity into stories and books that will be on the shelf when the following generation comes along.

The scope of this vision has no boundaries. We believe that our influence will spread and bring wholesome value to people around the globe.

John Menken